How to organize your entire home in three days or less even if you have no idea what you’re doing!

We are problem solvers who understand the dilemmas that our clients face. We’ve learned through years of helping others and now we can help you. We’ve spent nearly a decade digging people out of domestic disasters and implementing systems to make our clients’ lives run smoothly. We’ve learned how people really live – and how to get the best out of every room in a house!



We teach our students how to go through their home in a way that is efficient and effective using our techniques for deciding what to keep, donate, or throw away.


Your home is an ecosystem and we can teach you how to organize it so all parts function in tandem. All the frustration you feel almost every single day will be eliminated.


Once our organizational systems are implemented we will give you tips and tricks on how to keep your home from ever being disorganized again.

Who Is Behind Done And Done Home?

Hello, My Name Is Kate.

Kate always loved to organize and perfected her de-cluttering skills on her childhood friends’ bedrooms, but it wasn’t until her early twenties that she realized she could get paid to do it. After graduating from college, she was hired by a family friend to manage the move of a five-story townhouse to another state. Kate soon realized that her direct questions about her first client’s belongings were really questions about why we keep things even if they don’t work for us. Kate’s training in psychology allowed her to understand the deep-seated reasons why people hold on to possessions even when they cause problems, and realized this might be the seed for a business idea. After booking her second job and realizing she couldn’t do it alone, she called in the person who had taught her everything she knew about organizing—and life in general—her mom, Ann. And so Done & Done Home was formed. Kate holds a BA in Psychology from The New School and is a graduate of The Nightingale-Bamford School on Manhattan’s Upper East Side and is a mom to two little boys.

Kate Pawlowski – Founding Partner

Ann Lightfoot – Founding Partner

Hello, My Name Is Ann.

Born and raised in the Midwest, Ann is an eternal optimist with an endless interest in the human experience. After returning to New York after nine years in London, she started her own company, A Better Birth, and worked for five years as a doula in New York, alleviating expectant mothers’ fears and supporting them during pregnancy and the labor process. Her experience in shepherding clients through times of stress and great life change makes the emotional side of organizing work second nature to her. Always comforted by an organized home, Ann was thrilled when her daughter, Kate, called for help with an decluttering and inventory job. As one job followed another, their business was born. Ann works closely with all clients and her attention to their life stories and experiences with organization has lead Done & Done Home to have a nearly perfect hire rate after in-person consultations. Ann Lightfoot holds an MFA from The New School and a BA from Loyola University. She is a proud grandmother to Kate’s sons, James and Charlie.


We understand that you are very busy and have a full life with family, friends, work, obligations, fitness, and no free time to spare. That’s how your home got this way in the first place. 

You must be wondering where in your packed schedule you will find time to do this. Our program is designed so that you can work through it at your own pace and do the work an hour at a time or knock your whole house out in a few days depending on the sizes.

If you’re not sure if this course is right for you, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you feel like you work so hard at keeping your home together but never seem to finish?
  • Does it seem like other people you know figured this out long ago? 
  • Do you wonder if there are deeper reasons your home is always cluttered?
  • Is your spouse or partner frustrated with you because you have way more stuff than they do? 


- 10 Modules
- 160+ Pages
- 150+ Photos 
- Over One Hour of Video Lessons
- Live Group Coaching Sessions
- Group Coaching Sessions
 - Resources & Checklists
- Raffle for a 1 Hour Skype Call with Ann & Kate
- Group Coaching Sessions
 - Resources & Checklists
- Raffle for a 1 Hour Skype Call with Ann & Kate
Debra - Texas
"Another success story for you! I just did my bathroom and took everything out of the cabinets and discovered that I have FIVE boxes of wart remover - my husband had issues last year but I realize now that it is probably because everytime I looked for it I couldn't find it and bought more!

 It was astonishing how many extra and expired things I had taking up space in there. From the outside you would not even know I did anything but when I walk in there I know the cabinets are organized inside and it makes me so happy. I love the course!! Thank you!!" 
Laura - Connecticut
"Here is my example of your directive "organize your home the way that works for you" - I used to use a desk in my bedroom for work. It is a fairly large space that was pretty empty and had a lot of natural light. I worked up there for a few months a few years ago but have since always worked downstairs.

The reality is that I don't like to work in our bedroom and I am happier and more productive downstairs. I had just had this dresser painted and placed it by the front door to replace a console table.

The old console was too brown. Yesterday I decided to bring all my work supplies downstairs and organize them into the dresser. That way I can take out what I need when I need it and work in the living room. Thank you for your course and the motivation!"
Debbie - Long Island
"I just wanted to tell you I followed the checklist for the hall closet and I feel like a new person!

It seems so obvious but I never really asked myself "how many pairs of nice gloves will I need?" I have so many "fancy coats and jackets" that I have not worn in a decade.

I remembered I went to a funeral recently and you were right, I wore my usual coat and gloves! I don't need all those other ones!!"
Cindy - Los Angeles
“The Done & Done team did an AMAZING job with our house. They were tireless and got the entire house and garage in order in four days.  They seemed determined to leave our house in perfect shape and our whole family (my husband and daughter) enjoyed working with them to get our clutter out, to “shop in our closets,” and to rediscover all sorts of things we forgot we had and make our house work again.

 I haven’t felt this light (and tired) in years without this giant to-do hanging over me. It was worth every penny and they were delightful to work with. Thanks so much!!!”

Sydney - Westchester
“I just signed a contract for the sale of my house yesterday. There was a bidding war, and the place is being sold for more than 5% over asking! Many thanks for your expertise and coordination to get my home sale-ready. 

You made such a difference for the selling price and my peace of mind!”
Diane - New York
“We are not even finished with “Part 1″ of my parents’ home yet, and I am already so grateful that I don’t even have the words to thank you. The amount that has been accomplished this week has been extraordinary. You all do what you do with such ease. 

Somehow, you have turned what was a tremendous emotional and physical burden into a positive experience—I know there is more to go—but taking a minute to look back at the week, I feel so very grateful, that I just had to write. Thank you for all you are doing, and for how you are doing it. I can’t imagine how I would be able to do this without you.”
Stephanie - New York
“I was literally (for real) just typing an email to you and your Mom! It basically was saying how amazing and HELPFUL I thought the two of you were, not to mention how much fun I had these past two days.

 Thank you so much for all of your help. Even though I moved into this apartment a couple of months ago, I feel as if I am finally settled. So thank you very, very, VERY much for that. The kids are so happy too; both have been in their rooms playing with toys they did not realize they had! ”

Roger - New York
“I take recommendations very seriously; after all, why write about a team that did what they were paid to do? But what about those that perform beyond your expectations? That’s Done & Done Home—way beyond our wildest expectations. They were conscientious, compassionate, and as professional as I’ve ever seen them come. It does indeed take a village and Done & Done knew the entire village, except the idiot. Boxes were delivered, movers, electricians, handymen, and junk removers were all contacted. 

Everyone was there, willing to help. All of their contacts were punctual, and extremely helpful. They staged the apartment beautifully and it was show-ready within four days. We could not have done it without them; their name says it all. Done & Done.”
Patsy - New York
“The ladies of Done & Done are fantastic. In two and a half days they oversaw cleaning out my mother-in-law’s house—going through years of “stuff” in closets and drawers; reviewing what should be kept, thrown away, donated; and then seeing that it was DONE, THEN. 

If you have ever done this alone, you know what an overwhelming job it is. They not only accomplished this feat, but made it bearable and fast for my husband and me—and they are delightful people to work with; they became friends. They are the best!”
Grace - New York
“The ladies of Done & Done are fantastic. In two and a half days they oversaw cleaning out my mother-in-law’s house—going through years of “stuff” in closets and drawers; reviewing what should be kept, thrown away, donated; and then seeing that it was DONE, THEN. 

If you have ever done this alone, you know what an overwhelming job it is. They not only accomplished this feat, but made it bearable and fast for my husband and me—and they are delightful people to work with; they became friends. They are the best!”
Greta - New Jersey
“The one thing I have dreaded my entire adult life is the thought of clearing out my family home of nearly fifty years. What was always considered a nightmare, turned out to be so easy and, dare I say it, enjoyable, because of the two women of Done & Done. There are no words to describe their remarkable talent, energy and joyful attitude. As we sat there amidst so many years of junk and memories, these women managed to clean up the entire 4-bedroom home in no time. When I had developed enough confidence in them, I let them clear out a bathroom while I was out. When I came back they had saved a ribbon my dog had won 40 years earlier.

Let them start with a closet or a drawer, but let them start with something. By the time that closet is done, you’ll be begging them to clear their schedule for you.”
Marci - New York
“I just wanted to let you know your services have been outstanding and greatly appreciated. Your professional teamwork and your ability to work quickly and efficiently made it possible to close an estate right on schedule. 

On a personal level I told my brothers, when I keel over…call Done & Done. Thank you!” – Realtor
Stephen - Connecticut
“When my mother died after a long illness she left a lovely home which we knew would need to be placed on the market for the spring selling season. While the house was filled with pretty antiques and the warmth of home, it was also filled with stuff that needed to be weeded out. The task was overwhelming. Done & Done came to the house, took a look around, and laid out a plan. I immediately felt their energy and optimism and willingness to work hard.

 I was also impressed with their contacts – movers, repair people, people who would get rid of unwanted stuff – all of whom were insured and able to work in our high end building. Done & Done Home were efficient and hard working and I would highly recommend them.”
Rebecca, Illinois
"So I've been doing the course - I am a nanny/house manager. I live in a studio but care for a 5,000 sq foot house and am always organizing.

Anyways, I just have to say thank you because tonight I pulled all of my dresses out. I did this about a year ago but didn't try them on. Tonight I tried everything on and got rid of 20 dresses I would have otherwise kept!

 I turned 35 in two weeks and apparently those dresses I'm hanging onto from my twenties don't fit anymore. THANK YOU!!! Y'all are the absolute best."
Maggie - California
“I would say that it has been a rare day that has gone by without my thinking of you and of the miracles you created as only you could have done. We are eternally appreciative and grateful for the fun we had spending that time with you. When I think of the many such profoundly bonding experiences you and your Done & Done colleagues must be creating on a constant basis with your clients (who can’t help but become friends) I am in awe. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your wise and helpful decisions, hard work, and great good cheer along the way.”
Jennifer - Colorado
I can't say enough amazing things about this organizing company/team.

They have moved my family several times due to renovations. They are thoughtful, organized, relatable, and efficient.

They are a pleasure to work with and take out the stress of moving. Highly recommend!
Joan - USA
"I am currently decluttering the kitchen (read: throwing away a ton of bad decisions). I think I’ve read this article 3-4 times in the last 7-8 weeks. And I learn something new every time. I’ve been mulling what to do with the wasted empty space above my washer and dryer. These are side-by-side front load monsters. I consider them to be like deep shelves where I can’t reach anything in the back. I don’t want to put those cute clear plastic bins on them because of the heat. Today it dawned on me that I could find some deep *metal* baskets to achieve the same purpose and I won’t worry about the heat being a problem. It’ll be awhile til I get to the washer/dryer closet as I work my way through the kitchen, but this is an example of how reading your article several times and thinking about how your tips apply to my kitchen helps me work out possible solutions. Thank you so much for your senses of both humor and reality. I’m taking a big dose of reality as I go through the cabinets!" - Joan

Monika - New Jersey
Ann, Kate, and Marry ARE the Best!

If you need angels- here they are! These women are absolutely wonderful and super sensitive to your needs!

After very overwhelming moving to a different town, "Done and Done" came to help, and they put in order the whole house in hours!

Lovely and super friendly, respectful to your belongings and memorabilia. LOVE them! I would recommend the team to all my friends and family!

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